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Influencer Girl

The Influencer Girl course is designed for anyone interested in generating consistent images of a female influencer, who is capable of generating significant passive income.
In this course you will therefore learn how to generate one from 0 and how to properly manage her social media, such as Instagram, Onlyfans and/or Patreon.

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What will you learn?

  • The basic concepts of the Automatic1111 and Stable Diffusion interface;
  • Useful tips for improving the performance of your computer in order to generate increasingly high quality images;
  • How to write a Killer Prompt;
  • Using specific features such as txt2img and img2img and parameters such as “Sampling Steps”, the “CFG Scale”, and the “Seed”;
  • Edit a deformed image or add details via inpaint of the image itself;
  • Using a face swapper to create consistency between the influencer girls’ faces in the images;
  • You will use Lora to improve the effect and quality of your images;
  • Creation of your influencer’s Instagram, Onlyfans/Patreon account, learning how to use them to your advantage

We will reveal the steps we apply to achieve realistic and consistent effects. You will just have to follow them.

Why should you choose our courses?

The course is unique because emphasizes the “learning by doing” method, which allows you to apply what you learn in real-world projects, in fact the aim of creating an influencer girl is to create her own Instagram account, for example, and make the public love her.

Our course, however, will not only allow you to create consistent images of an Influencer Girl but will guide you step by step in the creation and management of social media: You will then learn how to correctly use the Only Fans and/or Patreon platforms to sell content.

Plus, you’ll have access to an exclusive Twitter community for sharing, discussion and collaboration, supported by direct support from our team. Join us to transform your creativity into digital reality in a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

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